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This famous girls choir, named by the critics “the Ukranian singing Angels” was founded in 1968 at the Kiev Institute for the Youth which is directed by Violetta Ma-
rouchevska. Since its foundation the choir offered more than 4000 concerts in the
Ukraine, the former Soviet Union, West Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, between other countries. The age of the girls is 12-18 years old.

    The girls choir “ZARTNITSA” has a very reach repertory which include works by famous ukranian composers of sacred music (Borniansky, Beresowsky, Wedel) as well as classical composers (Caccini, Festa, Lasso, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikosky) and modern music. They sing also Christsmas music and carols from different countries of the world.en.


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