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The Revutsky State Male Voice Choir was established in 1969. It numbers 50 singers. Choir incorporates Boyan Male Chamber Choir /27 best singers/.     The Revutsky Choir stands for the spiritual, musical and cultural renaissance of Ukraine. It finds and performs unjustly forgotten
Ukrainian choir music: Christmas carols and Easter songs, historic, Cossacks' and other kinds of folk songs; ancient chants, old Kievan  Chants and chants of Kievo-Pecherska Lavra monastery, the pieces of  famous Ukrainian composers.    Boyan's repertoire embraces Ukrainian, Slavonic and West-European spiritual and classical choir music, performed a capella as well as   accompanied by the symphony orchestra. Among these pieces: L.Cherubini's  "Requiem", Masses by L.Perosi and F.List, I.Stravinski's opera-oratorio "Oedipus Rex", 13th Symphony by D.Shostakovich.

The sound of the Choir is soft, gentle and pure. Their shades are subtle. They have the perfect sense of style. The interpretation of pieces performed by the Choir are always bright and rich in imagery.  Beauty and concord of the Choir performances are the result of devoted
work of the gifted principal conductor Bogdan Antkiv and twin-brothers Yuri and Vladymyr Kourach.     The Choir gives many concerts in Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Germany,
Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, and Great Britain. The Choir sings with the famous symphony orchestras in the best concert halls in Europe. They give TV and radio performances, produced by
several CD /three in Belgium and one in Great Britain/ and tapes.           

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