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iSALSA Y AZUCAR ("sauce and sugar") is a Latin American music band featuring experienced musicians from several countries. The show, with its fusion of jazz and caribbean rhythms (Rumba, Mambo, Cumbia, Vallenato etc.), always provides an unforgettable Salsa experience.One of their aims is to contribute to the spreading of this style´s bombastic sound and soul. This orchestra brings the optimism and joy of live of the Latinos into everyone´s heart.

Salsa is a Latin American music genre that originated in New York as a result of the mixture of afro caribbean music brought by the Latinos (Puerto Rican, Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan, Panamanian, Dominican) and North American Jazz and Rock.
Since then, it has migrated over countries and islands increasing its diversity of influences in this way. Therefore, Salsa is not a fashion phenomenon but an established music style with high artistic merit and important social and cultural meaning: it sets no limits between age and class.