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Musical notes from private collection of Count Kirilo Rozumovsky, the last Hetman of Ukraine, and his sons Earl Oleksii Rozumovsky - senator and minister of national education and Prince Andriy Rozumovsky - a brilliant diplomat and one of the most enlightened person of his time, after     prolonged disappearance were recently discovered again and brought alive in Kyiv. This collection consists mostly of 18th century European classical music, written by composers like Kambini, Correlli, Bokkerini, Shtamitsza and many other great composers of the Elizabethan period.

This prized and unique Rozumovsky's family collection was amassed from all over Europe and consists of over 1500 printed musical sheets and about 200 original manuscripts (70 items exist only as a single copy), which were passed along from generation to generation. Among these - manuscripts of six unique chamber sonatas of lan Stamits, the founder of Mannheim School.

"Rozumovsky Collection" ensemble revives the brightest works of tlie predecessors and contemporaries of Viennese classicism, re-creating a real musical atmosphere of the epoch. Combination of high professionalism and beautiful esthetic taste of the performers are appreciated by the growing quantity of listeners. In 1996, "Rozumovsky Collection" made the "Top-ten" list of "Radio-Rocks" radio company, in tlie category of best Ukrainian classic music performers.


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