photo by Eva Tunkel

5th anniversary tour: VAO performs during three tours (spring, summer & fall) the new program ART&FUN.25, which is played with a twenty-member international line-up including 2 rhythm sections. A Centenary Journey 1900-2000 as well as Duke Ellington's Sound of Love are also played on tour. The orchestra plays 59 concerts in 14 different countries (including Canada). Appearances at North Sea Festival, Umbria Jazz, Vancouver Jazzfestival, Montréal Jazz, Nattjazz Festival, Paris Jazzfestival, Jazz Sous les Pommiers, Moers Festival, Moscow Festival, Vilnius Mama Jazzfestival, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen among others.  Travel distance goes up to 59.400 km during the three tours.